YATRON was established in 2006 with the technical support of General Electric – GE of the United States. It is a comprehensive holding group.

Its subsidiary “YATRON Smart City and Energy Group” is the world’s leading Green and Smart City diversity organization. Its businesses include: Green and Smart City Solutions, Smart factories and Smart manufacturing, Smart energy management, Smart agriculture, Smart buildings, Smart healthcare, Smart transportation, Smart education, Smart sports, new semiconductor materials, etc. We are present in fields such as industrial manufacturing, energy, semiconductors, commerce, data centers, water treatment, transportation, sports facilities, medical systems, fishery and agriculture, education and culture, event planning and exhibitions, etc. YATRON utilizes its own core technologies and products and integrates various system resources.

​We provide customers with comprehensive end products and service solutions to ensure the reliability and protection of production, power and energy infrastructure. And continue to implement Chinese and German TÜV SÜD ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO50001 and ERP systems.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ESG are YATRON’s long-term concepts for sustainable development.


– Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

-ESG “Environment” (Environment), “Social Responsibility” (Social), “Corporate Governance” (Governance)



  旗下「日騰智慧城市與能源集團」為全球領先的綠色智慧城市多樣性組織企業其業務包括: 綠色智慧城市、智慧工廠和智能製造智慧能源管理智慧農業、智慧大樓、智慧醫療、智慧交通、智慧教育、智慧體育、半導體新材料等。從工業製造、能源、半導體、商業、數據中心、水處理、交通、運動設施、醫療系統、漁農業、教育及文化、活動策劃展覽等領域皆有我們的蹤影。日騰利用自有核心技術和產品,並整合各系統資源。

  我們為客戶提供完善的終端產品和服務方案,以確保生產、電力和能源基礎設施的可靠性和保護。並持續地執行中國和德國TÜV SÜD ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO50001和ERP系統。



-企業社會責任 (CSR)


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